Contractor or Employee? Get ready for IR-35

You’ve got self-employed, apprentices, interns, freelancers, contractors, temps, employees… While there are many crossovers and similarities between these, there are key differences when it comes to the employment rights and benefits each type of worker is entitled to. With IR35 on the horizon it’s become a hot topic! You may…

July 2019 R1 Release Notes V.1.0.6315

Key Features: 1. Pension Contribution Submission 2. Bulk Timesheet Import 3. Invoice Method – Consolidate Items 4. Handling Email Failures for Mandatory Operations 5. Login Page Banner 6. View Pay Advice from Contractor Record 7. Contractor and Agency Portal – Show/Hide Sections 8. Pension Options Read More

The Advantages of Utilising Payroll Software

Computer software, whether accessed locally from our computers or instead hosted and run in the cloud, is designed to make completing everyday tasks easier. One of these important tasks is the administration of employee payroll data, especially where a large number of employees are involved. If you’re not currently making…