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Seven payroll models under a single cloud licensing

Banking Integration

With the direct banking integration available in Primo Umbrella, you can keep your payroll team away from the banking platform. They don’t need to even see the bank statements or deal with clumsy BACS/Faster files anymore.

Receipt downloading & allocation

It’s as simple as clicking a button on Primo task manager. Receipts from the agencies are downloaded and matched automatically. All you need to do is to review and accept the auto matched entries. The software then posts the payment entries to the accounting ledgers and prompts you run the payroll for the relevant contractors.

Salary Payments

As soon as the payroll is run and reviewed, you click a button and the software sends a bulk payment request to the banking platform. Nothing to export or import. A designated payment authoriser is notified by email/SMS instantly. The authorisation can be done using a mobile app or web interface. Payment status are tracked by the program and once the payments are confirmed, contractors are notified by SMS of the payment made. There is nothing you need to do!

E-Signature, Contract Issuing & Tracking

Primo Umbrella’s e-signature integration makes it extremely easy to issue contracts, track and follow-up the pending responses and attach them to the relevant contractor’s record.

Once you have setup the contract template (Word/PDF) and map it to the relevant fields, the software does the rest.

  • It tracks the new sign-ups that are due to be issued a contract issue
  • Issues the contracts
  • Tracks the contractors’ response
  • Reminds the contractors
  • When signed, retrieves the document and attaches it to the contractor record.

You can setup multiple templates and also extend the feature to process Agency contracts, assignments etc. The feature can also be used to send out company policy documents, contract amendments that require digital acknowledgements from the recipients.

Secure dashboard driven back-office processing

Every single back-office task starting from on-boarding new contractors to completing HMRC returns are tracked by the intelligent software architecture and presented to the back office user on a single screen. Clearly designated sections for each of the following processes

  • Onboarding stages as defined by you
  • Contracts to issue, awaiting signature, completed
  • Timesheets, Invoicing, Receipts, Payroll Run, Payment, RTI, Payslips
  • HMRC Tasks such as FPS, EPS, CIS300, VAT100

The user is guided from the start to end at each step, focusing on one action at a time until the entire chain of actions is complete. Anything due for action is highlighted on the screen with the relevant count and all you have to do is to click, review and complete the action.

Multi-Company Processing

Primo Umbrella offers a powerful multi company processing interface, a great solution to payroll providers with multiple entities to manage. The interface looks and behaves as if you are working with one company’s data while in the background it intelligently works with individual companies one at a time.

Listed below are some of the tasks/views available from the multi-company interface.

  • Agency Records (Create/View/Amend)
  • Contractor Records (Import/View)
  • Timesheet, Invoices, Receipt
  • Payroll Processing
  • Contractor Payments & Payslip Emailing
  • HMRC Downloads
  • RTI, VAT100 & CIS300 Submissions
  • CIS Verification Processes
  • Period & Year-End

Financial reports can be consolidated across multiple companies and EPS submissions are automatically merged using PAYE Reference. Users can be set up with specific permissions for each company.

Customisable Onboarding Process

Eliminate errors, increase the efficiency and enhance the profile of your umbrella business with Primo’s on-boarding feature.

The flexible onboarding module makes it very easy to sign-up new contractors without having to chase the prospects, collect and verify the documents and control the pay & bill process exactly the way you want to.

Once you upload your prospects list with minimum information such as name and contact details, prospects are automatically invited to initiate the onboarding process. Contractors can start submitting the information from their mobile device or a computer.

  • User-definable onboarding stages
  • Mobile interface for contractors to submit data (no need to download any app)
  • Automatic reminders to Contractors & Umbrella users
  • Automatic ID & Document verification
  • Contracts issued automatically for e-signature and collected
  • Control over at what stage agency can be billed and the contractor paid

You can configure as many onboarding stages as you need to suit your business policy, set-up the ownership for each, progress levels and at what stage the contractor’s timesheets can be processed for billing and payment. You can build invalidation points such as AML verification, ID verification etc.

ID & Document Verification

Primo Umbrella now offers verification services for documents and ID. We have integrated with Jumio verification services that offer both fully AI automated and hybrid verification services for documents and ID.

The document verification features enable contractors’ addresses, passport validity, right to work status etc. to be verified by simply uploading a scanned document from a mobile device or a computer. Contractors can quickly take a picture of documents such as utility bills, credit card statements, bank statements etc. using their smartphones, even if the documents are crumpled or creased.

Identity verification solutions use AI, machine learning, face-based biometrics and certified liveness detection to ensure the person behind a transaction is present and who they say are.

Jumio’s services go well beyond traditional authentication methods to deliver a significantly higher level of assurance, dramatically less abandonment and a superior customer experience.

CRM Tools

A very functional, umbrella focused CRM is an integral part of Primo Umbrella platform. We have applied our years of experience in dealing with Umbrella businesses to implement specific CRM functionality that streamlines the engagement with the contractors and agencies alike right from the prospect stage.

  • Start your engagement with the contractors with a mobile-friendly onboarding interface that guides the contractor with easy-to-follow steps.
    Once on-boarded, query resolutions are made simple with the internal two-way messaging system. Messages can be initiated by your CRM team or the contractors, depending on who has a query. The nested messaging feature with a familiar outlook style interface makes it very easy to adopt and use. Contractor queries can be set due dates and assigned to members of your customer relationship team and followed-up.
  • The messaging system works for the agency contacts too.
  • A Mobile App for the contractors to submit queries, upload documents, view the status and responses.
  • A separate document management tool lets you and your clients upload documents for various purposes such as ID verification, Address proof, License, Right to Work etc. If you have signed-up for automatic verification, the job is done for you by the software.

Integral Financial Ledgers made for Umbrella Businesses

When we launched our first-ever enterprise Umbrella solution in the year 2005, our vision was very clear. An enterprise Umbrella solution is much more than providing a payroll software. While the payroll remains the core of the Umbrella system, there are front end and back end processes that are critical to the business. Hence we built our umbrella solution on top of our popular enterprise financial software and the payroll application.

Why you are better off with an integral financial system?

Yes, it’s true that you can pick from one of the many off-the-shelf accounting software systems and post entries. But how good are they in handling the following unique requirements of your umbrella business?

  • VAT reclaims on mileage claims by the contractors. A substantial cost-saving even if 30% of your umbrella contractors claim mileage expenses.
  • Instant update all financial ledgers for every activity such as Timesheets, receipts, payments, payroll cost
  • Reconciliation between payroll & financial figures
  • Financial reporting such as Profit & loss reporting by tax period and year
  • Sales and Purchase analysis reporting by tax period and year
  • Instant consolidated reports across multiple entities within your Umbrella group.

With Primo Umbrella, financial ledgers are not an afterthought but it was the foundation.

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