Introducing Primo Umbrella

For most businesses, getting to grips with payroll legislation is a time-consuming job and even companies with finance and HR departments and dedicated payroll teams have not found it easy. That’s why many have turned to Accentra, a London-based developer of innovative software since 1979.


Primo Umbrella is a complete payroll system which will handle all aspects of Auto-Enrolment. The software has been designed to simplify the legislation so that it is less daunting and manageable by even the smallest of organisations.

How Accentra’s Experience Can Help Your Company

For over 30 years, we have been designing software for companies of every size and complexity in the UK and further afield.  More recently, we began to specialise in designing and developing payroll and financial software and have a range of products to offer. Whether your company has less than 50 employees, or is a multinational organisation, it’s worth contacting us to ask how we may make your accounting procedures easier to manage.

Get in touch

Our friendly support team is always happy to help, so if you would like information about any of our finance or payroll solutions please get in touch. Alternatively, there’s more information about us and our products here.