Are you looking for umbrella payroll software?

We at Primo Umbrella offer the most reliable and comprehensive Pay and Bill platform with an integral powerful CRM capable of running your entire business.

Our umbrella software is a cloud solution that will automate your daily back office tasks from timesheets to balance sheet.

What makes this payroll software system ideal for a UK umbrella company?

Our payroll software is fully compliant with various regulations such as CIS300, VAT100, MTD, RTI and Domestic Reverse Charge. Also, it quietly completes auto-enrolment tasks in the background, saving you from any distractions.

The software offers a convenient portal interface for contractors and agencies. It enables contractors to submit their timesheets, expenses and download their payslips. Agencies can easily access and retreive their contractors’ payroll data and submit their timesheets.

Furthermore, our umbrella solution automates the contract-making process through our e-signature service. This software includes an automated ID and document verification feature to enhance your onboarding process.

How to leverage our umbrella payroll software features to automate your business

You can integrate it with your banking platform

Your payroll team no longer needs to deal with complicated banking platforms since our umbrella software includes direct banking integration.

1. Download and auto-allocate agency receipts instantly

You only need to click a button on the Primo task manager to download the receipts and match them automatically. Once you review and accept the auto-matched entries, our software will post the payments to the accounting ledgers.

2. Pay salaries direct from payroll software

After running and reviewing the payroll, click a button and send a bulk payment request to your banking platform. You don’t have to export or import anything. Your designated payment authoriser will receive an email or SMS immediately. The program can track your payment status and confirmatio while your contractors will receive an SMS once payment is made.

Integrate your E-signature with your issued contracts and track them

Our umbrella software includes a powerful E-signature integration. This feature automates the process of  issuing contracts, tracking and following up on pending responses. Once the contract is signed the software automatically downlaods it and attaches to the contractor’s record.

The software also enables you to create contract templates in Word or PDF. Once you fill out the relevant fields, our software will do the rest, including:

  • Track new contract sign-ups that are due to be issued
  • Issue your contracts
  • Track the responses from your contractors
  • Remind your contractors
  • Once signed,  retrieves the document and attaches it to the contractor’s record

Our software allows you to create multiple templates for processing agency contracts and other tasks. You can also use this powerful feature to send any document that requires digital confirmation from the recipients.

The dashboard is secure for back-office processing

Our software solution can track every back-office job, ranging from new contractor onboarding to HMRC returns. With a single screen, you can process the following:

  • Customised onboarding stages
  • Contracts in various stages
  • Various HMRC tasks
  • Various back-office tasks, such as invoicing, timesheets, payroll processing, receipts

You’ll be guided at every step and immediately know which actions are due by the items highlighted on your screen. You can then click, review and complete any required action.

Multi-company processing

Our umbrella software solutions provide powerful functionality for multi-company processing. This is a suitable solution for UK payroll providers managing multiple entities.

Here are some of the tasks available in multi-company mode from a single screen.

  • Create, view or amend agency records
  • View or import contractor records
  • Process payroll
  • Create, fill out and update timesheets, invoices, and receipts
  • Pay contractors and email their payslips
  • Download HMRC documents
  • Submit RTI, VAT100 and CIS300
  • Verify CIS staus

With our software you can consolidate the financial reports of your umbrella company. The software  automatically merges  EPS submissions for multiple companies with the same PAYE Reference.

Customise your onboarding process

Our umbrella company on-boarding features can help you:

  • Reduce, if not eliminate errors
  • Maximise your efficiency
  • Enhance your umbrella business profile

The flexibility of our on-boarding module makes it easy to:

  • Sign new contractors without spending too much time pursuing prospects
  • Collect and verify your documents
  • Customise your bill processing and payment

You can upload your prospects list even with minimal information – names and contact details will do. The software will automatically invite them to start the on-boarding process. Your contractors can submit information using their computers or mobile devices.

What are the benefits of this process?

  • Customise the on-boarding stages
  • Contractors can submit their data using a mobile interface without downloading any app
  • Set automatic reminders to your contractors and Umbrella users
  • The software features an automatic ID and document verification system
  • Automatically issue a contract for an e-signature, then collect it afterwards
  • Control the billing stages for agencies and payment to contractors

The software enables you to configure any onboarding stages you need for your business.

Verify IDs and Documents

Our Umbrella payment software also includes Jumio verification services for IDs and documents. You can choose between fully AI-automated and hybrid verification services.

Your contractors can use our document verification service to:

  • Enable addresses
  • Validate passports
  • Update right to work status

The verification process is simple since you only need to upload a scanned document from a computer or mobile device. Contractors can use their smartphones to take pictures of documents, such as utility bills. The intelligent scanning algorithm can handle even creased or crumpled papers. The identity verification solutions use several methods, including:

  • AI machine learning
  • Certified liveness detection
  • Face-based biometrics

Our services provide more than a simple authentication process. We aim to deliver:

  • A higher level of assurance
  • Less abandonment
  • Superior customer service

CRM tools

Customer relation management (CRM) is an integral part of our umbrella software. Our CRM functionality enables you to streamline the engagement between contractors and agencies from the prospect stage. Also, it has a mobile-friendly on-boarding interface that can assist contractors using easy-to-follow steps.

Your CRM team can initiate messages and handle query resolutions using the built-in two-way messaging system. It has a familiar and user-friendly interface. The CRM can also set due dates for contractor queries and assign team members for follow-ups.

Furthermore, you can use the messaging system for agency contacts while your contractors can use our mobile app to:

  • Submit queries
  • Upload documents
  • View status and responses

Our CRM also has a document management tool that enables you and your clients to upload documents for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Address proof
  • ID verification
  • Licences
  • Right to work

Sign up for automatic verification, and the software will do the job for you.

Integrated financial ledgers

Our umbrella payroll software manages the front-end and back-end processes that are critical to your business.

This payroll software has integrated financial ledgers designed for your unique requirements, such as:

  • VAT reclaims on mileage
  • Constant update of all your financial ledgers covering every activity from timesheets to payroll costs
  • Payroll and financial figures reconciliation
  • Yearly or periodic financial reporting, including Profit and Loss
  • Sales and purchase analysis and reporting
  • Immediate generation of consolidated reports from various units with your umbrella organisation

Seven Umbrella Payroll  models with one cloud licence

PAYE Models

1. Umbrella PAYE

This model is suitable for contractors:

  • With at least £10.00 an hour earnings
  • Not caught by SDC Test
  • Can legally claim expenses

How can it help you?

  • Removes company costs, such as ERNI from the contractor’s timesheet earnings
  • Deducts the Umbrella margin before tax
  • Processes expenses as tax-free reimbursements

2. Standard PAYE

This is suitable for agencies looking for outsourced PAYE services.

How can it help you?

  • Process the contractor’s salary on the entire timesheet earning
  • Quickly obtains the billings for ERNI or employee pension

3. Joint Employment PAYE

This is perfect for agencies in the healthcare sector and startup agencies paying significant invoice discounting charges.

How can it help you?

In this model the agency and umbrella company are joint employers and the umbrella company invoices the agency for the employment costs without VAT. Salary payment is processed and transferred to the umbrella without VAT.

4. Fixed Take-Home Umbrella PAYE

This is suitable for contractors:

  • With guaranteed take home as percentages of their timesheet earnings
  • Who can legally claim expenses

How can it help you?

  • Contractors can deduct company costs, such as ERNI, from their timesheet earnings.
  • Contractors can claim expenses as tax-free reimbursements.
  • Margins are computed and adjusted based on the agreed % take home.

Self-employed Models

There are also PAYE models available for self-employed individuals, such as:

1. Self-employed CIS

It’s suitable for agencies that supply construction labour services, construction companies and self-employed sub-contractors.

2. Self-employed Gross

It’s an appropriate system for self-employed contractors working outside the construction industry. With this model, self-employed contractors are not liable under the false self-employment legislation.

3. Self-employed PAYE

This PAYE system is used by those caught by the 2014 false self-employment legislation.

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