Ensuring timely payment for contractors is crucial, whether you operate independently or as an umbrella company. Timely payments not only uphold your reputation as a reliable partner but also foster trust and loyalty among contractors. Fortunately, our contractor payroll solutions are designed to streamline essential tasks, ensuring payments are processed promptly and accurately.

Contractor Payroll Made Easy

Developed by tech leader Accentra, Primo Umbrella is comprehensive cloud-based payroll software with integrated CRM capabilities. Our intuitive platform simplifies back-office operations, managing everything from timesheets to financial reconciliations with ease.

Tailored for UK Compliance

Compliance is at the core of our software. Primo Umbrella ensures adherence to the UK’s regulations, including CIS300, VAT100, MTD, RTI and the Domestic Reverse Charge. With automated auto-enrolment processes, you can stay focused on your core business.

User-Friendly Portals

Our payroll solutions software provides user-friendly portals for contractors and agencies, facilitating seamless communication and task management. Contractors can submit timesheets and expenses while accessing pay slips, and agencies can efficiently handle payroll data and submissions.

Efficient Contract Management

Streamline contract creation with our integrated e-signature service, complete with automated ID and document verification. With our contractor payroll software, you can say goodbye to paperwork and hello to streamlined onboarding processes.

Direct Banking Integration

Primo Umbrella integrates directly with banking platforms, simplifying agency receipts management and enabling bulk payments without the need for manual intervention.

Multi-Company Support

Ideal for payroll providers that manage multiple entities, our software supports the easy management of agency and contractor records, payroll processing, and HMRC submissions across various companies.

Customised Onboarding

Tailor the onboarding process to your business needs, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency. Contractors can easily submit their data via a mobile interface, hassle-free.

CRM Functionality

Streamline communication with integrated CRM tools, from prospecting to query resolution, all accessible via mobile for on-the-go convenience.

Financial Management Made Simple

From VAT reclaims to financial reporting, Primo Umbrella can handle it all, offering seamless reconciliation, reporting and consolidation across multiple units.

Flexible PAYE Models

With our PAYE payroll software, you can choose from various PAYE models tailored to different contractor and agency requirements, including options for self-employed individuals, thus ensuring flexibility and compliance for all.


Choosing the Right Contractor Payroll Solution

Choosing the right contractor payroll solution is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of your business. There are five key factors to consider when making your decision.

Ease of Use

Opt for a solution that is both intuitive and easy to navigate. User-friendly interfaces and clear instructions will ensure your staff can quickly adapt to the new system, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Flexibility and Scalability

Look for a payroll solution that will grow with your business. Choose a system that offers flexibility to accommodate changing needs and scalability to handle increasing volumes of contractors and transactions as your business expands.




Efficiency is paramount when managing payroll for contractors. For this reason, you need a solution that automates repetitive tasks, such as timesheet processing, invoice generation and payment distribution, in order to save you time and increase accuracy.


Seamless integration with other systems and software is essential to promote a streamlined workflow. If you want to improve your overall efficiency, you must ensure your chosen payroll solution can integrate with your existing accounting, HR and project management systems.

Data Security

Protecting sensitive contractor and financial data is vital. Accordingly, in order to avoid potential breaches and expensive legal consequences, you should choose a payroll solution that employs robust security measures and complies with the relevant UK data protection laws.


Compliance Essentials: Managing Contractor Payroll Legally

Ensuring compliance with the UK’s regulations is paramount when managing contractor payroll. Here are some essential considerations.

IR35 Regulations

Stay abreast of the IR35 legislation to determine the employment status of contractors and ensure the correct tax classifications are processed.

PAYE and National Insurance Contributions

To adhere to HMRC’s guidelines, you need to accurately calculate and deduct PAYE taxes and NICs for contractors.

Construction Industry Scheme

Adhere to Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) regulations when engaging with contractors in the construction industry. This will involve verifying subcontractors, deducting and reporting CIS tax from their payments, and submitting monthly CIS returns to HMRC.

VAT Compliance

Understand VAT obligations relating to contractor payments, including the application of the VAT reverse charge mechanism for construction services.


Maintain comprehensive records of contractor payments, tax deductions and compliance documentation for auditing purposes.


Streamline Contractor Payroll with Primo Umbrella

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