As a UK taxpayer, you are able to donate to charities tax-free, as well as receive tax relief if you donate through Gift Aid or through Payroll Giving (taken straight from your salary or pension).

Payroll Giving Schemes

If your pension provider or employer offers a Payroll Giving scheme, any donations you make through the scheme will be taken before Income Tax is taken off. This can be quite a tax efficient as you will pay no Income Tax on your donation but this amount will still be subject to NI contributions.

Gift Aid

Community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) and charities can register with HMRC to be part of the Gift Aid scheme and receive their charity reference number. Once registered, they can claim back the tax you’ve already paid on your donation.

What if I pay Income Tax above the 20% basic rate?

Then, you will be able to reclaim the difference between basic and higher rate tax through your Self-Assessment Tax return. If you don’t file one, you should contact HMRC and let them know of the donations you’ve made.

For more details, click you visit this page HMRC web page.