For umbrella companies such as yours, it’s quite normal to be confronted by a whole host of complex challenges, from intricate payroll processes and compliance issues to efficient financial management. In an era marked by evolving tax regulations and increasing demands for transparency, we understand you will feel under constant pressure to remain compliant while ensuring timely and accurate payments to your workforce.

Fortunately, our payroll solutions software provides a simple way to navigate these hurdles successfully, offering a lifeline by streamlining and automating various aspects of your operations.

How We Can Help

Developed by Accentra, Primo Umbrella is an innovative software solution that simplifies the provision of umbrella services to your contractors. From filling out timesheets and balance sheets to issuing and tracking contracts and everything in between, the software will automate and streamline your essential administrative tasks, thereby freeing up valuable time and resources.

Umbrella Software

Primo Umbrella offers robust and comprehensive cloud-based payroll software with an integrated CRM system designed to streamline the operations of umbrella companies. This easy-to-use, cloud-based system is a one-stop solution for automating daily back-office tasks, from managing timesheets to balancing the books. It is also tailored to meet the specific needs of umbrella companies in the UK, offering a range of advantages, as outlined below.


Our payroll solutions software ensures compliance with the UK’s regulations, including CIS300, VAT100, MTD, RTI and the Domestic Reverse Charge. It even takes care of auto-enrolment tasks in the background, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Contractor and Agency Portals

The software provides user-friendly portals for both contractors and agencies. Contractors can easily submit timesheets and expenses and access payslips, while agencies can efficiently manage contractor payroll data and submit timesheets.

Efficient Contract Management

Primo Umbrella streamlines the contract-making process with an integrated e-signature service, including automated ID and document verification. This simplifies onboarding and contract management.

Direct Banking Integration

The software integrates directly with banking platforms, eliminating the need for manual processes, simplifying the management of agency receipts and facilitating bulk payments.

E-Signature Integration

As e-signatures are seamlessly integrated with contract management, it is easy to issue, track and manage contracts. The software can even generate contract templates and automate the entire process.

Multi-Company Processing

This feature is useful for payroll providers managing multiple entities. It supports the easy management of agency and contractor records, payroll processing, document handling, and HMRC submissions across multiple companies.

Customised Onboarding

The onboarding process can be customised to suit the needs of your company, thus reducing errors, maximising efficiency and enhancing your profile. Contractors can easily submit their data via a mobile interface without any app downloads.

ID and Document Verification

Primo Umbrella’s software includes Jumio verification services for IDs and documents, providing a secure and efficient way to validate and update contractor information.

CRM Tools

The integrated CRM functionality helps to streamline communication between contractors and agencies, from prospecting to query resolution, with mobile-friendly onboarding.

Integrated Financial Ledgers

Primo Umbrella also manages financial processes from VAT reclaims to financial reporting, offering financial figures reconciliation, reporting and consolidation across various units..

PAYE Models

Our umbrella payroll software offers a variety of PAYE models, such as Umbrella PAYE, Standard PAYE, Joint Employment PAYE and Fixed Take-Home Umbrella PAYE, tailored to the differing needs of contractors and agencies. There are also PAYE models available for self-employed individuals, such as Self-Employed CIS, Self-Employed Gross and Self-Employed PAYE.

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CIS Payroll Software

Our Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) payroll solutions software is designed to simplify and automate end-to-end CIS pay and bill processes. It offers a streamlined solution for managing the complexities of CIS payroll. There are a number of key features and functionalities.

Digital Verification

The software employs Jumio’s AI-automated verification services to confirm contractors’ identities, addresses, right-to-work status and passport validity. Contractors can conveniently upload their relevant documents via their mobile device or computer.

Digital Contract Management

Primo Umbrella automates the issuance and tracking of contracts using pre-built templates. Contractors are reminded to sign contracts electronically, and the signed contracts are automatically attached to their records.

Automated Verification

The software automates contractor verification and re-verification processes. It tracks pending verifications, updates records, and communicates verification status and references to contractors. The system also prompts periodic re-verification.

Simplified Timesheet Processing

Primo Umbrella supports timesheet inputs through bulk imports or individual entries from contractor and admin portals. It allows for easy mapping of agency-sent spreadsheets to the software’s timesheet structure.

Flexible Invoicing

Invoices can be generated per timesheet or consolidated based on agency preferences, allowing customisation and unique layouts for each agency.

Direct Banking Integration

Primo Umbrella offers direct integration with banks for seamless receipt and payment handling, eliminating the need for dealing with bank statements or BACS/Faster files.

Contractor Payment Control

The software provides complete control over when and how subcontractors are paid, including options to pay on full cash receipt, in proportion to agency receipts or upon invoicing.

Flexible Margin Methods

Users can choose from various margin calculation methods based on timesheet value, fixed margins, percentage-based calculations and more.

Cost Recoveries

The software supports deductions for additional costs, such as insurance, PPE, training and standard margins.

Subcontractor Self-Billing

Primo Umbrella enables subcontractors to engage in self-billing, simplifying the invoicing process.

Integral CRM

The software comes with a powerful CRM system tailored specifically for CIS companies. It includes a customisable onboarding module, ID verification, document uploads, contract issuance, e-signatures and messaging capabilities.

Multi-Company Processing

Primo Umbrella offers a robust interface for processing multiple companies and subcontractors. It supports consolidated financial reports, agency record management, payroll processing, payslip distribution, contractor payments and more. 

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Umbrella Payroll

Payroll management is the lifeblood of any business. Companies must always ensure that employees receive their pay accurately and on time while at the same time adhering to a labyrinth of ever-evolving regulations. However, for umbrella payroll companies tasked with providing umbrella services and facilitating payments to agency contractors, the game gets a lot more complex.

While manual payroll calculations may suffice for some businesses, umbrella companies cannot afford to scale without purpose-built, fully automated software. There are several reasons why Primo Umbrella is your ultimate solution.

Speed and Accuracy

Primo Umbrella streamlines the whole process, ensuring swift, error-free calculations. In comparison, if you deal with a multitude of contractors, spreadsheets are too slow and error-prone.

Risk Mitigation

Spreadsheets are susceptible to unintended changes when managed by different members of staff. This risk can affect not only the current payroll but all future iterations too.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Our software solution provides a robust audit trail, ensuring transparency, data security and accountability in the event of any changes or errors.

Seamless Integration

Unlike fragmented processes using traditional software, Primo Umbrella offers complete integration between CRM, financials, payroll, agency and contractor interfaces, and HR, ensuring seamless data exchange.

Reconciliation Tools

Primo Umbrella can equip you with robust reconciliation tools and alerts, helping you reconcile your end-to-end figures on a weekly or even daily basis.

Intelligent 3rd-Party Integrations

As your agency grows, you can easily integrate critical processes such as banking, e-signatures and ID verification. Primo Umbrella’s intelligent integration streamlines these functions within the best payroll software on the market.

Statutory Compliance

If there is a need for frequent payroll runs and dynamic workforce changes, Primo Umbrella can help ensure compliance as it will enable you to avoid the risk of missed or late submissions, which can lead to penalties and administrative costs.

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Other Services

Choose from our suite of software solutions to simplify your financial processes and enhance your business operations.

Umbrella Payments

Gain access to hassle-free payroll with our Umbrella Payments service. Our software solutions will handle your payroll processing from start to finish, ensuring your contractors will receive their wages accurately and on time.

PAYE Umbrella

Suitable for contractors who earn at least £10/hour and who are not caught by the SDC Test, and/or who can claim expenses legally, our PAYE Umbrella service is your comprehensive payroll solution. We simplify the intricacies of PAYE compliance and payroll calculations, allowing you to focus on your other tasks.

PAYE Payroll Software

Streamline your payroll operations with our PAYE Payroll Software. Our user-friendly software automates payroll calculations, minimises errors and ensures you meet your legal obligations, helping you stay compliant with the tax requirements and handle National Insurance contributions with ease.


Why Choose Primo Umbrella?

Umbrella companies play a vital role in the modern workforce, providing both benefits and a flexible employment solution for contractors and freelancers. And, with Primo Umbrella, you can elevate your services to a whole new level.

Company Legacy

Primo Umbrella was developed by Accentra Technologies, a company with a rich history of payroll and financial services since 1979. Our in-depth expertise puts us in a unique position in the industry.

Pioneer of ERP Solutions

In 2006, we introduced a fully comprehensive ERP platform for the umbrella industry, recognising the complex supply chain processes and the need for an ERP solution.

Up-To-Date Technology

Our team is at the forefront of technology, offering cloud-based solutions, regular updates, reporting features and a strong focus on security.

Multiple Payroll Models

Primo Umbrella provides access to seven different payroll models designed for various audiences, allowing businesses to target other markets effectively.

Built-In CIS and Self-Employed Payrolls

Our cloud-based payroll software offers pay and bill solutions for self-employed markets, treating these payments as true supply chain solutions, benefiting contractors and businesses alike.

Experience Umbrella Payroll Made Easy

Streamline your payroll processes and other essential business tasks with Primo Umbrella.

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