Does my umbrella company qualify for the Free license?

The free license offer is available for:

  • Umbrella companies listed on Professional Passport website
  • New Umbrella companies that get approved by Professional Passport

Subject to:

  • Processing your Umbrella payments using Cash Plus Bank. Our direct integration with Cash Plus banking platform is the key to the automation
  • Maximum contractors paid remains 50 or less per week
  • New Umbrella companies that get approved by Professional Passport.

What if you are already processing or expect to process in near future in excess of 50 contractors? You may still be able to qualify. Contact us for a customised offer.

Do I have to pay for anything at all?

You don’t pay us anything. If you opt for one of the 3rd party integrated services, the relevant 3rd party may charge a fee. These are optional plug-ins but will help your business enhance the customer service and stand out among the competition.

What do I get free?

  • A free license to Primo Umbrella Swift Cloud platform complete with the following essential components to offer a professional umbrella service.
  • Onboarding Module for Prospects
  • Mobile App & Portal for Contractors
  • Business bank account with Cash Plus
  • E-signature integration for Employment & Agency Contracts
  • Agency Invoicing & Receipt Allocations (automatic)
  • Payroll Processing (automatic)
  • Contractor Salary Payment (automatic)
  • RTI Submissions (automatic)
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping (automatic)
  • VAT100/CIS300 Returns (automatic)
  • HMRC Payments (automatic)
  • Seamless Banking Integration
  • Integral Sales, Purchase & Nominal Ledgers
  • Payroll & Financial Reporting: Timesheets to Balance Sheet
  • Annual Accounts for Company Tax Return

What Payroll Models are supported?

  • Umbrella PAYE
  • Standard PAYE
  • CIS
  • Self-Employed Gross

How do I sign-up for the free license?

Complete your details below and click Submit. Your account will be set-up within 3 working days maximum and you will be sent instructions on what to do next.